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Why Prototyping in design?

Prototypes are built so that designers can think about their solutions in a different way. By taking the time to prototype ideas, you avoid costly mistakes such as becoming too complex too early and sticking with a weak idea for too long. 

SQLI will provide you with rapid and responsive mobile/web designs, icons, and mailers. We will assist you in modernising the content and test what works best for you.

After all, it is all about Digital Experience.

Our prototyping offers

Email Template Package


  • 1 day of work including:
  • ⚬ 2 hours of client workshop
  • ⚬ A set of mailers created in a day

Look and Feel Homepage Package


  • 4 days of work including:
  • ⚬ Half a day of client workshop
  • ⚬ Production of a single Homepage with a header, footer, and navigation system in both Mobile and Desktop
  • ⚬ Feedback and corrections

Look and Feel of eCommerce site


  • 6 days of work including:
  • ⚬ Half day of client workshop
  • ⚬ Production of a homepage with a header and a footer in Mobile and Desktop
  • ⚬ Production of a product list and product detail page in Mobile and Desktop
  • ⚬ Half day of corrections

User Experience Design

We assist you in compiling a list of your users' requirements in order to find concrete solutions with you in the form of prototypes which will gradually develop into your solution.
Our talented designers, from all of Europe, are here to guide you through ongoing design journey.

Design & Creation

Interactive Design and Prototyping.
Motion Graphic Design.
Design & Graphics Mockups.
Wireframes & Functional Mockups.
Information Architecture.

User Studies

'In Situ' Observation
Focus Groups
User Tests
Investigation and Surveys

UX Audit & Strategy

Experience Map
Product Design Sprint
360 Audit

Digital Marketing

Struggling with Digital Marketing?

Our experts assist you to identify the needs and expectation of your customers and develop them into qualified traffic acquisition levels and generations of commitment to your brand.